Hope to Have Enough Generator Power When Out On the Water?

Don’t Get Stranded – Rely on Power Field Services for Marine Power Generators Maintenance !


There’s nothing worse than losing your navigation equipment when your marine generator runs out of fuel or malfunctions. It’s not just inconvenient, it can also be a safety hazard when you need to get back to the dock before bad weather rolls in. You need a generator that can provide power for as long as needed, with plenty of reserves just in case.

Power Field Sells and Maintains Efficient Marine Generators

The marine generators sold by Power Field Services can fully power your onboard electricals, from navigational equipment and radar to air conditioning, so you have a great day out on the water. Offering gasoline and diesel units from 3.5 to 65k watts, we have the advanced fuel-efficient and quiet generators to enjoy your boat to the fullest. Whether you have a small pleasure boat or a large, luxury yacht, we have the generators for you!

Launch Your Boat And Never Fear Losing Essential Electrical Power!

Power Field Services Will Keep You Safe with Great Marine Generator Maintenance Service!

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