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In today’s world of more frequent and extreme weather events as well as the additional challenge of outdated power grids, the need for dependable emergency standby power has never been greater. Are you prepared for the next big weather event? The right backup generator can make a world of difference for your business and customers depending on it.

Backup Generators Can Solve Your Emergency Power Problems!

  • Industrial Generators – Industrial backup gensets are your best solution for keeping the lights on and the productivity flowing when there is a power interruption. From business and agricultural applications to hospitals and nursing facilities, the right emergency power source from PFS is critical for keeping your business functioning until the power is restored.
  • Telecommunications & Data Generators – When you run a telecom business, everything stops in a power outage. To keep the communication lines open, data flowing, and infrastructure downtime eliminated, you need reliable backup power designed for telecom and data center applications. PFS lets you sleep at night knowing you have reliable emergency power for your data center or telecommunications business needs.
  • Marine Generators – Whether boating for pleasure or business, you need long-lasting generator power that gives you the most time on the water. Avoid the worry of getting stuck on the water with a fuel-efficient, quiet marine generator sold and serviced by PFS.
  • RV Mobile Generators – Wherever your RV takes you, the last thing you want is to end up with no power. PFS sells the best mobile generators for RVs and other mobile applications so you can stay safe and comfortable.

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