Generator Service Department


We are not oil changers.  We are dedicated, knowledgeable generator technicians trained in specific genset repair and broadly in electrical and mechanical theory that can be useful to any system.  We correctly diagnose and repair the problem the first time, finding the root cause of the problem and addressing it.  We carry a broad inventory on each service vehicle to minimize down time and parts runs.  We leave each piece of equipment in better shape than when we arrived.

PFS hold certifications from the following manufacturers:

John Deere Engines
Blue Star Power Systems
Kohler Industrial
Cummins generator controls
Onan Marine & RV
Generac Power Systems
MTU Onsite Energy
Katolight (legacy equipment)
MQ Power
Thomson Technologies
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Scheduled Maintenance
A scheduled maintenance program is critical for the dependability of the power system. We go far beyond changing the oil. We inspect and evaluate each component in the system and track the history of each generator we service whether it be on an emergency call or a scheduled maintenance. We can track trends and often notice and repair a failing component before it fails at a critical, usually very inopportune moment.

HelpfulOwner Habits
As good as we are, at least monthly the owner should check the fluid levels, start and run the generator and observe. Know what ‘normal’ is (sound, vibration, smell in addition to any metering). Take action if something is not ‘normal’. Take a quick look at these power point presentations for some more specific details.

“Ten Commandments of Diesel Maintenance”.

  1. Thou shalt keep thine engine clean and in adjustment that thy life in its company shall be long and that the owner shall increase thy job longevity.
  2. Know thine enigne and all its parts and functions, else thou shalt be up some tributary without means of locomotion.
  3. Be not wise in thine own conceit. Remember the factory instructions and keep them holy, lest false repairs be thine undoing.
  4. Be not loose in thy jaw hinges for no man knoweth all about diesels. The truly wise absorbeth much knowledge and exceedith little, and he who so doeth shall gain repute among his fellows and favors among his superiors.
  5. For all things in this life that thou desireth, thou shalt also pay plenty, and for the wisdom of experience, no less. Advice from the multitudes costeth nothing and usually worth as much.
  6. In the books though mayest read what to do and when, but only the voice of experience may tell thee why and how, else reading of what and when shall but plague thee with smoke.
  7. God maketh the earth rotate endlessly without bearing or oil, but not thy diesel.
  8. Curse not thine engine when it turneth not. Curse rather thine own neglect.
  9. Steam engines and gas engines may long turn over though sloppy: a diesel not so. With gauges and mikes be though ever busy.
  10. The eternal eye watcheth universal operations, but thou shalt not rely upon it as to thy diesel. Thine own vigilance is the price thou payest for thy job.