Do You Rely On Thomson Technology Power Generators For Backup Power?

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A leading name since 1973, Thomson Technology and Thomson Power Systems have been designing and manufacturing the finest electrical products for the power generation industry. Power Field Services is happy to include quality Thomson electrical components in our line of generator products that we sell, install, and service for our many customers.

With a focus on customer commitment, strict quality control, and the development of the most dependable standard and custom electrical component designs, Thomson puts the needs of their customers first. Their products are now used all over the world, sold through a small network of qualified dealers like PFS.

Thomson for Reliable Power on Demand

Specializing in power generation controllers and parallel switchgear, Thomson components are a critical element in every backup and emergency power generation solution. Offering dependable power on demand, Thomson has a long history of product reliability, making their components the natural choice for pairing with the high-quality generators that Power Field Services sells. Thomson controllers and switchgear take the question out of critical backup energy solutions.

Thomson PGC Generator Controllers

The PGC 4000 Power Generator Controller offered by Thomson is the perfect controller to pair with today’s best backup and emergency power generators. Configurable to operate on low or medium voltage systems, these controllers allow the automatic paralleling of single or multiple generator units used for prime or standby generator power. They are highly programmable, with many advanced features including power metering, engine control, load sharing and Internet-ready ethernet connection.

Thomson PGC controllers allow you to get the most from your generator of choice for keeping the power on at all times. As a certified Thomson sales and service representative, Power Field Services will also maintain, diagnose, and repair your PGC controller so your generator always performs as expected.

For Total Reliability – Choose Thomson Technology

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