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Since 1884, the Mitsubishi Company has been a premier manufacturer of quality machinery, making it one of the preferred brands that Power Field Services is proud to offer to our customers. Most notable for its automobiles and electronics, the heavy industry side of the corporation also develops and manufactures a wide variety of dependable power generators to suit many needs.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) prides itself on its company principles, which it conveys into every product. The company strives to develop innovative and reliable products with the sole purpose of improving the lives of their customers. MHI is constantly seeking better and more sustainable ways to power life by incorporating great ideas, high quality, and efficiency into all of its power generation equipment.

Quality and Reliability from MHI

Through the decades, the main goal of the Mitsubishi company has always been to create great products that move the world forward. Today, that motivates MHI to create cleaner, more efficient power sources that can light up the world. With continued research and development, MHI continues to improve its power generation products so they can dependably serve many industries in new and innovative ways. MHI diesel industrial generators are designed with fuel efficiency and higher power generation in mind, with each unit tested and inspected before leaving the factory.

MGS Generators by MHI

Mitsubishi Generator Series (MGS) generators are available ranging from 0.5 to 56,400 horsepower to handle a wide variety of applications. They are designed to withstand heavy use while still outperforming expectations. These engine-powered generators are especially powerful when performance matched with MGS turbochargers. They& work to improve fuel efficiency while generating even more power for high demand applications.

When you need a powerful generator or a custom setup, MGS diesel generators by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are the choice to make. Power Field Services can install, maintain, and repair your MHI MGS generator to ensure the best performance with little downtime. We are certified to work on MGI power generation equipment; you’ll never have to question whether your maintenance and repairs were done according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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