Unsure If Your Kohler Power Generator Is Properly Maintained In-House?

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The family-owned Kohler Company has been manufacturing precision products for nearly a century. At Power Field Services, we confidently sell and service Kohler generators for various industrial uses.

As a family-run company, Kohler develops products that specifically answer to the needs of its customers and also keeps strict control of manufacturing quality. Kohler power generators are trusted by homeowners and businesses all over the world, including nuclear power plants and the National Weather Service, to provide essential power solutions in many different settings. PFS is proud to offer Kohler generators to our many customers.

The Kohler Difference

With a longstanding goal to build only the best generators in the world, Kohler is a competition leader with its many reliable power sources that can fit your every need. Kohler employs a detailed process that starts with the development of innovative, new designs that are meticulously tested for performance, endurance, and reliability before approved for production.

Every unit produced is then quality tested to ensure all customers receive the same high quality and reliability. With this kind of attention to detail, you can put your trust in a Kohler power supply.

Kohler Precision Generators for All Needs

No matter what kind of generator you need, Kohler builds it. Whether you want to power a home, a data center, a hospital, or even bigger, there is a commercial-grade Kohler generator for the job. They also offer powerful, portable standby generators for convenient emergency or backup power so the lights never go out and your equipment never stops running. Designed with corrosion-proof enclosures, Kohler generators run quietly and efficiently to suit a multitude of uses.

With a Kohler generator, you have peace of mind knowing your equipment will be on when you need it to be with minimal downtime. Best of all, Power Field Services is a certified service provider for all Kohler products, providing routine maintenance for Kohler generators. We can troubleshoot and repair these generators as well to keep yours as dependable as the day it was installed.

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