PSSPEC can be used to create both sizing and specification in one easy-to-use application. To calculate sizing, enter the project’s requirements as well as the data for the loads the generator needs to power. The extensive capabilities of PSSPEC also include the consideration of voltage dip. Generator temperature rating, derating factor for altitude, nonlinear loads and loads involving low inertia.

PSSPEC determines the Katolight catalog model that will best meet your needs, as well as an alternate model to help you identify the most cost-effective generator set. The PSSPEC sizing printout includes a list of the loads entered, a summation of the load data, and both the suggested and alternate Katolight models. To create a specification, select components for the genset. Text, based on these selections, is displayed and may then be edited. Additional text may be added if necessary. The PSSPEC specification printout contains all the selections as well as the accompanying text.

PSSales is Katolight’s electronic version of the sales and engineering catalog. PSSales contains marketing brochures and specification sheets needed to inform you about the Katolight product line.

DAO SDK Patch solves issues with missing or mismatched DAO or Jet files. It should be installed for the following problems:

Any error messages referring to Jet VBA files

Any error messages referring to missing dll files

PSPro specific: Screen freezes after accepting the Disclaimer

To install:

  • Download the above file DAOSDK.exe
  • Unzip the file to the target computer’s C: drive
  • Open the folder C:\Disk1 and run the setup.exe file
  • After the patch is successfully installed, remove Disk1, Disk2, and Disk3 folders from the C: drive
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